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Hello everyone, and boy have it not been quiet here for some time now.
so after a good month now our hexxit server running with a 1-2 crash per day (from me its more then good), I been playing/working on our litte vanilla server (normal minecraft on 1.7.9) and from my view its fucking nice to play with other players that just want a 100% vanilla server, and i most say thanks to you guys that make that server my litte home everyday<3. Now i must say sorry not for being on the hexxit server that much but there is a update coming out for it soon to add shops, fix towny SQL and many more, but i do have some real life job things..

Now lets talk about this litte "Update 1" thing as the title says..
Starting from next month i will be doing updates to all server (that needs update, and trust me there is alot..) to keep you in the loop of servers that we got running or is developing as we speak!

Release Dates or Coming Soon!
1. Prison server for bukkit 1.7.9 (5.8.2014)

2. Vanilla Overhaul 1.6.4 (Coming Soon)

3. Tekkit Classic & Tekkit lite = No ETA

4. Pixelmon = No ETA

5. A old server will join Realm Network to run under = No ETA

6. More? (leave your idea in the forums)

Now you know what we have planned atm for RN,
and we won't stop anytime soon, no we will keep adding more updates for our servers & more server to the RN Network, and as you may know mojang's new eula update

Quote from ItsJustBjarn on
"Dear members of the Minecraft Forums,

Since Mojang changed the EULA, we're forced to accept their EULA before running a server. The most important rule is:
You're not allowed to earn money in any way with Minecraft. This doesn't make any sense at all and it also destroys the community. Let me explain that last thing:
Server owners will stop running servers because they're not allowed to earn money with it, so they can't pay the bills and developers. Minecraft artists, who make parodys, drawings and more, aren't allowed to sell their work as it's using Minecrafts content. Mojang has to change this, or it'll destroy the game and its community. "

That mens that we can't really sell stuff in minecaft only some stuff, but i do know that no one will care about that stuff anyway, i'm here today to kinda announce that RN will be 100% FREE. Now i know what you are thinking "WTF", "THIS WILL CLOSE DOWN IN 1 MONTH", Might just be some of the ideas you have atm, but to be real here, i have a real life work where i get money from, so really i dont need or want money off minecraft anyway you kinda say i that don't want to be like any other server network out there, but i will keep working/doing this as long as there are players playing and othere players like my kinda of servers :)

Thats all from me today, see you in the next update 2, coming soon!

Realm Network  Administration
Hello everyone out there!,
so our open alpha of Realm Network is going somewhat good as we speak,
there have been some litte bugs here and there but they have been fixed,
we are still working hard to make everything work as we what it to be but we are getting there!.
the moderator spots will open soon but im still working on the format for it!, we are looking for developers to help us fix some of the bugs / plugins in hexxit to make this the best RP server there will be for hexxit.

Now to our new host, you may have heared that we got a new host, and we moved to it (took 6h),
but it was abit fucked up in a way, so we moved back to the old one for now, and i will look into new one at some point soon, and im sorry to everyone who lost stuff but i really did not see this happend at all..

Our last thing on the program is "FeedBack",
So to make this the best RP server for hexxit, I need feedback from you guys, if you have anything that you think is missing or need for the server (RP stuff) then let me know i do have alot of ideas for the server but you may have some i dont?, so why not tell me what you got on your mind and post it on the forum so other players can comment on it?.

RN Administration

Realm Network | Too Night!

Hobiten aFounder posted May 24, 14
Server is online and running better then last night!

Alpha server is having a crash fest atm, but im looking into it and i will go down in my debug cave,
and find this error and fixed. Sorry for this but i see did not see it happend :S

Hobiten aFounder Very soon! ...
kiwi_worrior26 Immigrant Hey Hobiten can I get white-listed? lol I can't enter because of that
Hello everyone out there in the minecraft world!,
I'm here today to announce that we will (if all goes well) then we will hit Open Alpha this weekend,
And you may as you self what is this "Open Alpha?" well its a testing stage for me and "YOU", as most of then things on RN Hexxit server is not yet tested fully out yet, i have tested alot of things and fixed alot,
but there will allways be that 1 thing that i have not tested or never got to test, With that being said if all goes well as i have planned then the server will be live for players the slots will be locked at 25 as i dont want to many to join just yet ( i can put the slots higher!).

Now we have that out the way,
Lets go to the other news!

What makes us different from other hexxit servers?,

  • We make our own things 
  • (Plugins / Buildings / ideas)
  • (Northing is copy or ripped from anyone!)

  • All of our staff is in Survival,
  • We will use creative when needed

  • Our host is High End with DDOS Protection
  • and is hosted at a Data-Center!

  • Our economy is player runned
  • Our Citys/Towns is player runned

  • We are constant fixing / Adding content into hexxit,
  • We code only for hexxit
    We have system for both teamplay and solo!
  • !Soon to come!
All our staff is 18+ and
very friendly and they know what they are doing at all times!

Now what is hexxit?
Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has been unearthed! Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder. Alone or with friends, adventure awaits in Hexxit

Custom - Towny
Custom coded Anti-Cheat
Player runned citys/towns
Player runned Shops
And many more!

Hope too see you on RN soon!

Regards, RN Administration

Hobiten aFounder All bans have been removed! ...
kiwi_worrior26 Immigrant I hope I'm not banned still . Because It was a mistake, and a missunderstood with melee161. ...
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I see that RN is back, sweet. Hope all goes well on the new host.
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New post up!
Server up!
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We are looking into the crash issues, No ETA on when the open alpha will happen I'm very sorry!
and Open :d
NVM. Also the Server is Up!!!!!!!
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